Real Estate

Interactive applications for virtual tours of architectural projects, with the possibility of previewing and editing construction details, cladding and ambience.

  • Online virtual "walkthrough" visits
  • Virtual Reality
  • HQ images and videos

Museums and art exhibitions

Interactive experiences for visitors to exhibitions and museums to ensure learning and involvement.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive panels
  • Augmented Reality

Digital Twin

Virtual representations and models of complex components or systems, for real-time, batch or predictive analysis with application of predictive computing models and AI algorithms.

  • Company configurators
  • Virtual prototyping

E-commerce & Digital Store

Virtual tours and interactive shops, product viewer, product configurator applications to be developed via app or integrated into the site.

  • Interactive E-commerce
  • Virtual Showroom
  • Fairs and events


Applications, offline and online, images and videos for the visualisation and use of products'.

  • Product configurators
  • Interactive digital catalogues
  • Maintenance, repair and instruction manuals, also interactive.

Fairs & Events

Tailor-made marketing and sales solutions for businesses'.

  • Virtual corner
  • Video animation
  • Still Life

Fiscal Incentives

Our know-how allows us to exploit the new technological applications in the design, construction, production and presentation phases, to achieve immediate and tangible benefits with reasonable investments within everyone's reach, also thanks to the incentive measures, business investments in digitisation, made available by the MISE's NATIONAL PLAN FOR ENTERPRISE 4.0.

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What are Walkthrough videos?

These are video recordings that show the user an environment in first person or with camera recordings moving through space using defined paths. 

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (also called VR) simulates an immersive visualisation and interaction experience through three-dimensional objects placed in an artificial context. The user has full control of these interactions using hardware devices (a visor and hand controllers).

What are Apps for Architectural Visualisation?

They are applications installed in mobile devices or PCs that, like video games, allow the user to navigate within the three-dimensional environment representing the designed architecture. The aim is to "enter" into the project by experiencing it first-hand and interacting with it. 

What are immersive experiences?

An immersive experience is a particular mode of content enjoyment in which the user is surrounded by a virtual world, with which he or she can interact to continue the enjoyment or discover new content.

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